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Ivy And Rose - Summerwind Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by joaoewerton

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Ivy And Rose - Summerwind

  		Verse: 1 
C        G         Am       Am 
It comes about the treetop 
C          G                Am    Am 
Touch your face and you get smile 
C         G         Am       Am 
Loving to stay here outside 
G        G             Am       Am 
You can feel free and calm for a while 

Dm Dm Am Am The longsleeper wake up early C G Am Am Days gone long and full of life Dm Dm Am Am Seeing footprints in the backyard G G Am Am Jumping children in the night
Instrumental: Am Am C G (x6) Verse: 2 C G Am Am A moment on the riverside C G Am Am A wedding company in the green C G Am Am No one can stop the smiling bride G G Am Am But rainy clouds disturb the scene
Dm Dm Am Am After rain watch rainbows C G Am Am Many clouds across the sky Dm Dm Am Am Mighty oaks throw shadows G G Am Am And the eagles flying high
Instrumental: Am Am C G (x6)

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