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Hugo - You And Me Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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Hugo - You And Me



G  A      C D  
4x String 1 456 as seen from lowest string 

G  A      C D  
4x String 1 456 as seen from lowest string 

Verses 1 

  G                   A 
A man once said, take away a man's needs 
       C           D 
And in no time, in heaven he'll be 

  G                  A 
I wish for you, that heaven has begun 
C                  D 
With or without, a marble sun 

     G                              A 
It's strange how it goes, when they let you wait 
C                           D 
Tell me about it, I was the subject of hate 

           G                   A 
But that's all over now, and I hope we can meet 
        C               D 
And our perils be gone, both of us be freed 

Verses 2 

     A                  E 
It's hard for a man, to go it alone 
      G                     D 
After all of the love, that he has shown 

      A                     E 
Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna impose 
   G                D 
On you my problems, problems with a rose 

A                          E 
Arisen we're now, from the ashes of the past 
     G                         D 
Past hate and deceivement, and all of the lies 

A                       E 
Love is the answer, and heaven will be 
   G                           D 
My girl is now bored here, plz set us all free 

    A                         E 
The kingdom of heaven, is for me to regain 
      G                     D 
I got used to the solitude, reality in pain 

A                           E 
I'm not complaining, I'm as high as can be 
           G                               D 
But we can always get higher, when there's you and me...  

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