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Glumshoe - Bog Mummy Chords

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by marcnagel

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Glumshoe - Bog Mummy

verse 1 
C      Cmaj7 
Bog mummy, bog mummy 
C7           F 
Life is such a slog, honey 
Save me a seat beneath the peat 
G             N.C. 
Where you and i can meet discrete 

verse 2 
Its anaerobic 
Im claustrophobic 
Preserve me, conserve me 
F (one strum) 
Baby, know that you deserve me 
Oh come on and lets get chummy 
G           N.C. 
I wanna be your mummy, honey 

verse 3 
C          Cmaj7 
Frozen, dried, saponified 
C7            F 
Mellified and jellified 
Sign me up to be mummified 
G (one strum) 
So i can spend eternity at your side 

verse 3 
C                  Cmaj7 
Bring me back to where it all began in 
C7                 F 
Soak me in your love and steep me in your tannin 
We'll lose our names but our human remains 
G                (no strum) 
Will be unrotten and unforgotten 

C Cmaj7 C7 F 

Dm7          G           C 
I wanna spend eternity with you

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