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Chris Cotten - Skin On Skin Chords

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by renejunior

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Chris Cotten - Skin On Skin

  		Intro: C Em C Em 

Verse: 1 
C                       Em 
I had a hard time going to sleep last night 
C                              Em 
I just tossed and turned in my bed 
C                             Em 
I kept seeing pictures of you in my mind 
C                               Em 
That pretty smile them big blue eyes 

Verse: 2 
C                          Em 
Next thing i knew you were right beside me girl 
C                          Em 
when we kissed we lost control 
C                        Em 
i felt you tremble, babe i felt your love 
C                                Em                              D 
Just like a dreamm come true and in that moment thats what it was 

C Em D Skin on skin, i wanna feel that way again C Em Skin on Skin, I wanna feel your fire again and again and again C Em you stole my heart, you put a mark down deep in my soul C Em C Em In that moment when we both lost control
Verse: 3 C Em I wish it coulda last forever, but i openend my eyes C Em There was an empty bed with no trace that you'de ever been there C Em Just a dream after all, but you left me with a smile C Em D I will never forget that moment we had our skin on skin

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