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The Broom O The Cowdenknowes Chords

Misc Traditional

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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The Broom O The Cowdenknowes

  		How (C)blithe was (Em)I each (F)morn to (C)see  
My lass come (Am)o'er the (F)hill  
(C)She skipped the (Em)burn and she (Am)ran tae (C)me  
(F)I met her wi? good (G)will.  

(C)O the (Em)broom, the (F)bonnie, bonnie (C)broom The broom o? the (Am)Cowden(F)knowes (C)Fain would I (Em)be in my (Am)ain coun(C)try (F)Herding her father's (G)ewes
Repeat Intro Hard (C)fate that (Em)I should (F)banished (C)be Gone way o'er (Am)hill and (F)moor Be(C)cause I (Em)loved the (Am)fairest (C)lass (F)That ever yet was (G)born Chorus + Intro Fare(C)well, ye (Em)Cowden(F)knowes, fare(C)well Farewell all (Am)pleasures (F)there (C)To wander (Em)by her (Am)side A(C)gain (F)Is all I crave or (G)care Chorus 2x

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