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The Big Ships A Sailing Chords

Misc Traditional

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by aleffederico

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The Big Ships A Sailing

  		Verse: 1 

G                                D         G 
Oh the big ship's a sailing far across the ocean 
          D7                  D       G D 
Fare thee well lovely Annie I bid you a-dieu 
      G                 C                G 
And I cant return where small birds are nesting 
   C             G         D           G 
Or take you dear Annie and make you my bride 

Verse: 2 

G                                D            G 
You remember dear Annie when we walked on the mountain 
       D7                  D      G       D 
And we saw all those young men a marching away 
   G             C            G 
To fight for her country and free her from bondage 
     C               G       D                   G 
When I left you dear Annie I went with them that day 

Verse: 3 

G                                 D         G 
We fought hard through winter and many died bravely 
       7              D               G       D 
And we thought of our loved ones, our country unfree 
       G                         C              G 
And my heart nearly broke when I thought of the mountain 
      C                G            D             G 
Where I held you in my arms on that warm summer's day 

Verse: 4 

G                                  D       G 
But our names they were given by a Judas informer 
    D7                  D      G            D 
I remember his face, he fought right beside me 
      G                       C            G 
I was given the assignment to kill him one evening 
    C             G           D       G 
And bury his body in the deep flowing sea 

Verse: 5
G                         D      G 
So now you know Annie why I must leave you 
    D7                       D        G  D 
And why I can't take you and make you my bride 
      G                C          G 
For I am in danger and fear every stranger 
   C           G        D           G 
In village and city who walks by my side 

Verse: 6
G                          D           G 
So come with me Annie once more to the mountain 
     D7                        D    G      D 
And walk with me slowly to the ship by the sea 
    G                      C            G 
And let me carress you and kiss you and bless you 
    C               G         D          G 
For ever and always you'll be dearest to me 

Verse: 7
G                           D           G 
Farewell to my homeland, my parents and comrades 
    D7            D        G             D 
The brave men who died and fought beside me 
       G             C             G 
To the mountains and valleys, the green fields of Erin 
        C            G             D        G 
May the young men of Ireland bring you liberty 

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