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Little Shop Of Horrors - Somewhere Thats Green Chords

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Little Shop Of Horrors - Somewhere Thats Green

  		Verse: 1
  G               C 
A matchbox of our own 
   D             G 
A fence of real chain link 
  Em                 Am 
A grill out on the patio 
  A7            D 
Disposal in the sink 
   G7          G 
A washer and a dryer and 
    Em          A7 
an ironing machine 
In a tract house that we share 
    D            G 
Somewhere that's green 

Verse: 2
   G                    C 
He rakes and trims the grass 
   D                G 
He loves to mow and weed 
  Em               Am 
I cook like Betty Crocker 
      A7              D 
And I look like Donna Reed 
        G7                 G 
There's plastic on the furniture 
   Em                A7 
To keep it neat and clean 
       G                D 
In the Pine-Sol scented air 
Somewhere that's green 

Verse: 3 

C                  D 
Between our frozen dinner 
        Em               G 
And our bed-time nine-fifteen 
    C                Em 
We snuggle watching Lucy 
       G    C 
On our big enormous 
A7      Dm   D 
Twelve-inch screen 
    G            C 
I'm his December Bride 
     D               G 
He's father he knows best 
    Em               Am 
Our kids watch Howdy Doody 
       A7              D 
As the sun sets in the west 
  G7              G 
A picture out of Better Homes 
    Em          A7 
and Gardens Magazine 
     G        A7 
Far from Skid Row 
   C        D 
I dream we'll go 
somewhere that's green 

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