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Leave No Trace - Moon Boat Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by bombaXXX

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Leave No Trace - Moon Boat

  		Intro: D A Em D (1-2x) 

  D                             A 
I wandered this world green and wild 
and the things in my mind are 
like a red sun go down. 

       D                  A 
Oh And I, I know you must go. 
And I think I know why? 
but I don't know why. 

C                      G                       D 
Still I am thinking we both share a moon and a star. 
C                       G                        D 
May you be safe, may we both find a place with a heart. 

D                       A 
Here, where treasures a-bound 
                     Em                                D 
in the things I have found, a leaf, a song come from a-bove... 

       D                   A 
In the wood, where secrets crawl 
             Em                                 D 
the Earth so small, a place, a home, a dream my own... 

C                       G                       D 
There'll be a tree that joins you and me from a-far. 
C                   G                      D 
And I am certain we all share a moon and a star. 

D A Em D (1-2x) 

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