Mindy Gledhill


Mindy Gledhill

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(Mindy Gledhill)

	  		Intro: G G2 Am D  

Verse 1:  

Little boy, when you speak  
I can't help but kiss your cheeks  
I love the way you grab my hands  
And tell me all about your plans  

Verse 2:  

Rocket high, comets fly  
You and I could take a ride  
And fly away to Neverland  
And give our best to Peter Pan  

C When you reach for the stars Am Don't forget who you are Em C And please don't turn around and grow up way too fast C See the sand in my grasp Am From the first to the last Em C Every grain becomes a memory of the past C Am Oh, life's an hourglass D G Life's an hourglass
Verse 3: Story's read, prayer is said Close your eyes sleepyhead While angels linger in your dreams And hold you in their feathered wings Just like you, I was small Not that long ago at all I wish you all the happiness That God gives freely if you ask Chorus

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