Milos Vukomanovic

Stranger Friend

Milos Vukomanovic

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Stranger Friend

Intro: C D G 

C        D                    G 
..i was wake up early in the morning 
C                     D                   G 
standing close to the mirror and watch my self 
C         D    G           C 
ohh my ohh my who is that guy 
C            D           G 
i just cant recognize my self. 

C      D           G     C    D      G        
i will tell you a story,when i was a kid 
C             D         G                C 
my mother was drive me to my school and then 
C         D              G 
my peers was laughing for that.. 

C      D               G 
i was fat and wearing glasses 
C           D         G 
everyone made fun off me 
C           D 
never had girlfriend  
G               C 
never had best friends 
C               D         G 
thats how my child life begins. 

C       D                G 
now i grow up and i feel lazy 
C                 D           G 
dont know what to do with my friends 
C        D     G       C 
Are they real?Or just fake? 
C        D       G 
can you tell me please. 

C          D              G 
i made my feauture be my self 
C        D           G 
only my familly was there 
C            D        G      C 
i dont wont anybody in my life 
C         D         G 
because i learn to fight. 

C                 D 
thats the story i wont to share with  
      G          C             D 
you my stranger,never give up and hold  
        G     C           D              G 
your head up,follow your dreams and you will 
         C    C         D        G  
win the pain,you will find your way.. 

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