Mikal Cronin

Hold On Me

Mikal Cronin

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Hold On Me

Intro: G Em C D 


G  Em  C            D         G  Em    C 
Time,    time keeps drifting away 

            D         G 
Looking backwards every day 

            Em   Am  Cm A  D 
Back when I let you slip away 

        G            Em 
And now I'm always a wreck 

Am  C      A   D 
I   sleep all day 

C G Cm G D You got a hooooooooooold on me G Em C Bm Am G Em C Iiiiiiiii, I want to hold you toniiiiiight E A D G Everyday I walk alone Em Am C Remember the simple times D G Em Am C Recall the way that you told me D C Cm G D Every day, you got a hoooooold on me
Outro C E Am A D C Bm C Em A D G Em C Cm F G E G

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