Mick Harvey

Out Of Time Man

Mick Harvey

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Out Of Time Man


Am              G             C             G  
I'm walking out for love 
Am              G 
I'm walking out, really down 
C               G 
in a cool breeze 
Am              G 
I'm gonna be late again 
C               G             Am 
driver, wait for me please 
G               C 
I'm running all in vain 
G                             Am 
trying to catch this train 

Am              G  
now it's half past four 
C               G 
oh baby can't you see 
Am              G 
no use in waiting no more 
C               E 
it's timing tragedy 

'think it's nine 

when the clock says ten 

this girl won't wait 

for the out of time 
out of time man 

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