Michael Paynter

Weary Stars

Michael Paynter

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Weary Stars


INTRO D  D/G  Bm  - G 

verse 1 
D                          D/G   
I can feel you pull away 
Trying to work this out  
But theres just no words to say 
Bm            G 
Ooh ooh, its so hard letting you go 
Bm                 G 
Ooh ooh, when its only you I know 
             D            D/C# G     
Coz Ive given you all I can 
Weve been us so long 
          D/C#                  G  
Now I dont know who I am 

Bm                       G 
Ooh ooh, now its all just slipping away 
Bm                                             G                    
Ooh ooh, and I?ll never find the words  
To make it okay 

D Its like i stood under the sky as the D/C# Stars collapsed G But ill never let a heartbreak hold me back Bm A G Im singing ooh ooh ohhhhh D And everything weve been it was D/C# Blazing now
G But I feel that way as it hit the ground Bm A Now im singing ooh ooh G Those weary stars awoke my heart verse 2 D Can we put this down to another D/G Lesson learned D This is one more page that i just cant D/G Wait to turn Bm Ooh Ohh G Tell me one last thing as you leave Bm Ooh Ooh G Will you try it all again to find another me Chorus BRIDGE Bm D/C# This time we cant go back C Weve travelled way too far D B The truth, the lies, the facts C That are buried in my scars D D/G I can feel you pull away Chorus (x2)

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