Michael O'Neal

Screamin Chords

Michael O'Neal

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by bombaXXX

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A                 E                   D     Ds     
Went out back to burn one down this mornin 
A                  E                  D     Ds 
And I seen the sheriff go blowin by 
A                 E                    D           Ds 
Wasn't long you know the neighbors they began to hollerin 
A                 E                    D       Ds       
I got a feelin just like I needed to cry 

A D A walk to D And I was thinking baby if they come and get me D A E Would you be screaming out my name D A And if they take me away for ever E D A walk to D Would you love me the same
A E D Ds Baby I walk around this big house A E D Ds And I look deep into your eyes A E D Ds Sometimes I get the feeling A E D Ds That I don't ever run through your mind
A E D Ds Baby I know that your nights are lonely A E D Ds You feel like I aint never at home A E D Ds And I know your love it is so special A E D Ds Cause you love me even when I am gone

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