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Long Line Of Love Chords

Michael Martin Murphy

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Long Line Of Love

	  Capo 3 
Bought a beautiful diamond ring, 
Offered it to the sweetest thing I know 
And she said she would take it 
Started makin? some wedding plans 
She looked at me and she took my hand and said 
Are you sure we can make it 
          G                                     D 
I said my granddad?s still in love with my grandma 
I said my Dad still thinks my Mom?s the  
         D             A  
Sweetest thing he ever saw 
D G I come from a long line of love D A When the times get hard, we don?t give up D G Forever?s in my heart and in my blood D A D You see I come from a long line of love
Years went by and we had a son Now he thinks that he?s found someone for him And they?re planning a wedding He called me up on the phone today Just to see what I had to say to him Did I think he was ready? I said what his grandfather used to say to me It?s been handed down for ages, it runs in the family Chorus You come??

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