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Paint My Love Chords

Michael Learns To Rock

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by rhino

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Paint My Love

	  B		          E  F#		B    B/Bb  G#m 
From my youngest years , 'til this moment here 
	   E     F#		        B 
I've never seen , such a lovely queen. 
B		   E F#		         B  B/Bb  G#m 
From the skies above , to the deepest love , 
	  E B B/Bb G#m	    E	 
I've never felt , 	   crazy like this before 

D G A D Paint my love , you should paint my love D/C# Bm E A It's the picture of a thousand sunsets , D G A Bm It's the freedom of , a thousand doves , G A D F# Baby you should paint my love
VERSE Been around the world , then I met you girl Its like coming home , to a place I know F C Bb F Dm G C Bb Since you came into my life , the days before all fade to black and white F Am Dm Bb A Since you came into my life (into my life) , everything has changed. CHORUS ENDING : G A A7 D

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