Michael Kiske

Where Wishes Fly

Michael Kiske

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Where Wishes Fly

Capo on 1st fret

st feet	   

Intro: G - Em - C - D  

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G Em ---------------------------------|----------------------------------| -------3------1------0-----------|-------3------1------0------------| -----0----0------0-------2^0-2^0-|-----0----0------0--------2^0-2^0-| ---0--------0------0-------------|---2--------2------2--------------| ---------------------------------|----------------------------------| -3-------------------------------|-0--------------------------------| C D ------------------------------|-------2-------3-------2-------|-3-| -------1------3------1--------|-----3-----3-------3------3----|-3-| -----0----0------0-------0----|---2-------- 2-------2------2--|-0-| ---2--------2------2--------2-|-0-----------------------------|-0-| -3----------------------------|-------------------------------|-2-| ------------------------------|-------------------------------|-3-|
G Em Some say the prize is paid Some preach eternal pay Bm C Where you go nobody knows! G Em Before you came to me Life was light and clean Bm C Where we go nobody knows nobody! G Forget tomorrow! Em We have today! Bm C And we steal the night? A good try will show! G Can we go and leave it? Em Words alone won't do! Bm C2 When their lights get dim let's see what still glows! G Will you stay with me Em When HE can't set me free? Bm C Will you love me when nobody knows my name? G Em Would you see me through When I'm just a burden for you? Bm C Can I catch you when nobody knows your name? G Say we're together! Em We stop the time! Bm C2 These feelings come from where spirits fly! G Come see our treasures! Em Let's tolerate! Bm C2 These spirits come from where wishes fly! G From where wishes fly!... Em From where wishes fly!... C From where wishes fly!... D Fly... OUTRO: G - Em- C - D

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