Michael Jackson

Slave To The Rhythm

Michael Jackson

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Slave To The Rhythm


      Am            F 
She dances in the sheets at nights 
      C             Em 
She dances to his needs 
      Am            F 
She dances 'til he feels just right 
   C               G 
Until he falls asleep 
      Am            F 
She dances at the crack of dawn 
      C                Em 
and quickly cooks his food 
      Am                  F 
She can't be late, can't take too long 
     C                G 
The kids must get to school 

Am F She's a slave to the rhythm C Em She's a slave to the rhythm of Am She's a slave to the rhythm F A slave to the rhythm of C G The rhythm of love, the rhythm of love
Am F She dances for the man at work C Em Who works her all the time Am F She can't be rude as she says C G Sir, "I must be home tonight" Am F She dances to the kitchen stove C Em Dinner is served by nine Am F He says his food's an hour late C G She must be outta her mind Chorus E She works so hard, just to make her way Am F For a man who just don't appreciate E And though he takes her love in vain Am F Still she could not stop, couldn't break his chains Am F She danced the night that they fell out C Em She swore she'd dance no more Am F But dance she did, he did not quit C G as she ran out the door Am F She danced through the night in fear of her life C Em She danced to a beat of her own Am F She let out a cry and swallowed her pride C G She knew she was needed back home, home Chorus

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