Michael Jackson

Hold My Hand (ft. Akon) Chords

Michael Jackson

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by tercmoraes

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Hold My Hand (ft. Akon)

  		Intro: C G Am F x4 

C     G                  Am   F 
 This life don't last forever  (hold my hand) 
C           G                  Am  F 
 So tell me what we're waiting for   (hold my hand) 
C             G           Am    F 
 We're better off being together (hold my hand) 
C           G          Am  F 
 Than being miserable alone (hold my hand) 

C                                 G 
Cause I've been there before, and you've been there before 
      Am                 F 
But together we can be alright 
      C                     G 
Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold 
   Am                                 F 
We hold each other till we see the sunlight, so if you just 

C    G  Am           F 
Hold my hand, baby I promise that I'll do 
C   G Am                   F 
All I can, things will get better if you just 
C    G  Am                        F 
Hold my hand, nothing can come between us if you just 
C              G              Am            F 
Hold, hold my, hold, hold my, hold, hold my hand 

C    G                  Am    F 
 The nights are getting darker (hold my hand) 
C    G               Am     F 
 And there's no peace inside  (hold my hand) 
C       G            Am      F 
 So why make our lives harder (hold my hand) 
C   G            Am      F 
 By fighting love, tonight, so 


C                  G 
 I can tell you're tired of being lonely 
Am                      F 
 Take my hand don't let go baby hold me 
C                                  G 
 Come to me let me be your one and only 
Am                                 F 
 So I can make it alright til' the morning 

Chorus x2 

C G Am F 
G C 

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