Michael Bolton

You Don't Know Me

Michael Bolton

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You Don't Know Me

Year: 2003 - Album: Vintage

Intro: E  B5 

              E           B6 
You give your hand to me 
             E         E7 
And then you say hello 
         A         A7M 
I can hardly speak 
           A           Bbº 
My heart is beating so 
        E           C#m 
And anyone can tell 
           F#m             B5(9) 
You think you know me well 
                E     A  E E7 
But you don't know me 

     A         Bbº      E             C#m 
Well I never knew the art of making love 
        F#m         B5(9)         E 
No my heart aches with love for you 
C#m                G#m 
   Afraid and shy I let my chance go by 
F#                                     B5(9) 
   The chance that you might love me too 

             E           B6 
You give your hand to me 
              E          E7 
And then you say goodbye 
              A      A7M    A              Bbº 
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy 
             E         C#m 
Oh you will never know 
           F#m          B5(9) 
The one who loves you so 
Cause you don't know me 

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