Month Of Sundays


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Month Of Sundays

Intro: F#m 


C  D   Em          A        G 
       I see we're similar 
                C                  A      C  D  
But I've never thought much about it 
Em                    A         G 
'Cause I've got young Mystery 
                C             A        C  D 
And I couldn't live without her 
Em            A                   G 
We're kind of sleeping when you laugh 
        C             A            C  D 
Say I'm cheapening your love 
Em                  A        G 
But it's with young Mystery 
              C             A     
That I plan on setting free now 

C D Em She'd buzz a bell and run D G We'd skip and laugh F C I hold her hand Em She comes in a halo D G F C What she meant to me I couldn't see
I-I see we're similar But I can't take it all from you Unless you want me to I'll take you away from this old horrible town And just maybe one day we'll want to come back And walk these streets Play buzz-a-bell and run We'd skip and laugh I'll hold her hand She comes in a halo What she meant to me I couldn't see Em Newer in a month of Sundays Then: Em A G C A C D

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