The Day Never Comes Chords


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by europeu

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The Day Never Comes

  		Intro: x5 
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e|----12----------12----------12----------12-----------14----------14----------12----------12----| B|-13----13----13----13----12----12----12----12-----15----15----15----15----13----13----13----13-| G|14---------14----------12----------12----------12----------12----------14----------14----------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Am G Em C x4 Am G Em Born to push you around C Am Better just stay down G Em You put away, C He hits the flesh, Am You hit the ground G Em Mouth so full of lies C Am Tend to block your eyes G Em Just keep them closed, C D Keep praying, just keep waiting
Am G Em C Waiting for the one, Am G Em C The day that never comes, Am G Em C When you stand up and feel the warmth Am G Em C (E5) But the sunshine never comes, no E Am G Am No, the sunshine never comes
Am G Am Am G Em Pushed you across that line C Am Just stay down this time G Em Hide in yourself, C Am Crawl in yourself, you?ll have your time G Em God I?ll make them pay C Am Take you back one day G Em C D Am I?ll end this day, I?ll splatter color on this grey
G Em C Waiting for the one, Am G Em C The day that never comes Am G Em C When you stand up and feel the warmth Am G Em C (E5) But the sunshine never comes
E5 G5 A5 C5 B5 C5 E5 B5 E5 x2 E5 x3 | B5 Bb5 E5 | x2 E5 Love is a four letter word, E5 B5 Bb5 E5 And never spoken here E5 Love is a four letter word E5 B5 Bb5 E5 Here in this prison F#5 A5 F#5 A5 F#5 A5 A5 I suffer this no longer, F#5 A5 F#5 A5 I?ll put an end to, A5 B5 G#5 B5 C#5 A5 This I swear, this I swear C#5 D5 B5 The sun will shine D5 This I swear, This I swear, E This I swear Solo

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