Mercy Me

Finish What He Started

Mercy Me

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Finish What He Started



D  A  Bm  G 

verse 1: 

I don?t have to know you 
To know that you will go through 
Hard times 
It?s just part of life 
Don?t let that moment bind you 
And  don?t let it define you 
Take heart 
That?s not who you are 


            D               A 
Our God is able, more than capable 
       Bm                G 
To be faithful unto the end 

He?ll finish what He started 

D No matter what you?ve done A Grace comes like a flood Bm There?s hope to carry on G He?ll finish what He started D No matter what you face A His mercy will not change D/F# He?s with you all the way G He?ll finish what He started
verse 2: D Remember you?re forgiven A So there?s no need to give in Bm To the lie G That you?re disqualified Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus Tag: A Bm G Oh A Bm G Oh Bridge: A Bm This work He?s started in you now G He?s faithful to complete it A Bm The promise was sealed when He cried out G It is finished Tag: D A Bm Oh, oh, oh G And finish what He started Repeat Chorus Coda: D A Bm G D What He started A What He started D/F# G Whoa D He?ll finish what He started

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