Melissa Otto


Melissa Otto

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G               C9     G 
Father, take my whole heart 
      C       G 
Take my whole life 
Make me Yours 

  G         C9    G 
Take my every desire 
      C9    G 
Make them purer 
Make them Yours 

  C                       G 
Make me a citizen of Your kingdom 
 C                   Em 
Teach me Your ways of life 
   C                G 
Of true freedom, of perfect love 
   D   D6          G 
Of how to be Your child 

   G             C9        G 
Take what has been engrained in me 
        C9        G 
Remove what shouldn't be 
Remake me 

G                C9        G 
Show me the hope You have for me 
         C9      G      D 
Your belief in who I could be 
       D          Bm7     D 
If you help me, walk beside me 


G            C9            G 
Breathe Your spirit of life in me 
        C9      G    D 
Until I bear Your image 
G          C9    G 
Until my heart beats, 
      C9    G         D 
and my steps meet with Yours 


C                       G 
Make me a citizen of your kingdom 
    C9                Em 
Teach me to bare Your light 
C                   G 
Guide my feet in the ways of peace 
        D                G 
By Your spirit, by Your might 

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