Mel Tillis

I Believe In You

Mel Tillis

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I Believe In You

	  		C   Dm 
I believe in you 

G7            Em 
This is all I need to be 

A7               Dm 
Bound to use the same as free 

G7               C 
The key is understanding 

I'll believe in you 

G7             Em 
You saw me and let me know 

A7              Dm 
To me reveal my soul 

G7           C 
I believe in you 

I gave up on everything 
      G7         C 
I was taught was real 

Life was just a way to die 

                G7    C 
Till you taught me to feel 

Now I believe in me 

G7            Em 
You gave me a reason to 

A7             Dm 
Took me in and cared for me 

G7    Em           A7 
You believed in m--e 

    Dm        G7 C 
And I believe in you 

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