Mel Tillis

Every Now And Then

Mel Tillis

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Every Now And Then

C                                   D7 
A list of things that I would do to get you back again 
G7                                C 
Would use up all the paper in the world 
I've done so many crazy things I'll never make them right 
G7                                  C 
And I know you won't ever come back girl 

                      G7             F 
But I hope at least I get to see you every now and then 
G7                              C 
Somewhere in a crowd if nothing more 
                         G7                 F 
And I'd hate to think of going through life never more to see 
    G7                          C 
The girl who was so close to me before 

I know that me calling you would only bring you down 
G7                                   C 
And I don't want you no more down on me 
I care how you feel so I'll just stay out of your life 
   G7                                 C 
It looks like this is how it's got to be 

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