Maureen McGovern

White Christmas

Maureen McGovern

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White Christmas

(Irving Berling)

Intro: C G7 C G7 

C    Dm7  C  G/B Am  Dm7  Cdim    G7 
I'm dreaming of  a white Christmas 
F             G7              C     G7 
Just like the ones I used to know  
          C    C7M     C7       C7/G 
Where the tree-tops glisten 
     F    Fm Fm7  Fdim 
And children listen 
    C    Dm7    C   G/B Am7   Dm7       G7 
To hear sleigh-bells in  the snow  
C    Dm7  C  G/B  Am Dm7  Cdim    G7 
I'm dreaming of  a white Christmas  
F           G7                C 
With every Christmas card I write  
G7        C   C7M C7           F     Fm 
May your days be merry and bright  
         C  C/B  Am7 Am7/G   F        G      C 
And may all      your      Christmases be white 

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