Maureen McGovern

The Boy Next Door

Maureen McGovern

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The Boy Next Door

(Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane)

G7     C7M  A9       Dm7       Dm6 
How can I ignore the boy next door 
   C9   C  Am7             C/D 
I love him more than I can say 
Dm7             Dm6       Em7           A9 
Doesn't try to please me, doesn't even tease me 
F#m7            B7        Em7  A7  Dm7 
And he never sees me glance his way 
G7         C7M          A9    Dm7       Dm6 
And though I'm heartsore, the boy next door 
     C9       Am9             D9 BbM 
Affection for me won't display 
  C7M/9  Am7            Dm7     Dm6 
I just adore him, so I can't ignore him 
   Cm5-/7   G6   C 
The boy  next door 

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