Matt Monro

Stranger In Paradise

Matt Monro

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Stranger In Paradise

	  		Intro: Eb - F# - B - Fm - Bb 

   Fm                 Bb                  Eb 
Take my hand I'm stranger in paradise 
All lost in a wonderland 
   Bb                 C             Gm 
A stranger in paradise 
C                Fm 
If I stand starry-eyed 
   Bb                          Eb 
That's the danger in paradise 
For mortals who stand beside 
  Bb                 Eb 
An angel like you 
                   B                   E 
I saw your face and I ascended 
                      Bbm           Eb        G#m 
Out of the commonplace into the rare 
                           G                       C 
Somewhere in space I hang suspended 
              Fm         Bb                                Eb     C# 
Until I know       there's a chance that you care 
Won't you answer this fervent prayer 
  Bb                       Eb 
Of a stranger in paradise 
Don't send me in dark despair 
  Bb                  Eb           Gm 
From all that I hunger for 
        C               A 
But open your angel's arms 
   G#m                      Gm    C 
To this stranger in paradise  
And tell him that he need be 
  Bb                   Eb       C 
A stranger no more 
And tell him that he need be 
  Bb                   Eb               F#    B      Eb     
A stranger no more. 

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