Matt Monro

My Funny Valentine

Matt Monro

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My Funny Valentine

(Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers)

Intro: Am Am7+ Am7 Am6 Am Am7+ Am7 Am6 

Am                    Am7+       Am7          Am6 
My funny valentine, sweet, comic valentine  
F           Dm7     Dm6     E7     Dm     E7 
You make me smile with my heart 
Am              E7                Am7             Am6 
Your looks are laughable, unphotographable 
F                Dm7       Fm           G7 
Yet you're my favorite work of art 

                 C      G7             C 
Is your figure less than Greek 
Dm7 G7   C      Dm7     C        
Is your mouth a little weak 
Dm7   G7  C7M  E7M    E7     Am     F7M   F7 
When you open  it  to speak, are you smart 
E7         Am                         Am7+    
But don't change a hair for me 
Am7                 Am6 
Not if you care for me     
 F        Bm5-/7    E7      
Stay, little valentine 
 Am C7 F   F7M    Dm7 G7    C     F7  E7 
Stay      each day is valentine's day 

E7        Am                        Am7+    
But don't change a hair for me 
          Am7            Am6 
Not if you care for me 
 F          Bm5-/7 E7     Am    C7 
Stay, little valentine, stay 
 F   F7M    Dm7  G7     C    Fdim  C7M 
Each day is valentine's day 

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