Matt and Kim


Matt and Kim

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	  		F  C  Am  G (x2) 

      F            C 
let's cut down the day 

         Am         G 
in this green rusty van 

       F         C 
like a red cadillac 

    Am              G 
top down, shoulders tan 

  F               C 
I bought my first watch 

        Am       G 
but it feels all wrong 

      F            C 
let's wait out the day 

          Am      C 
bring the heat along 

F  C  YEAH!  Am  G (x2) 

    F                 C     
and when the timing's right 

hold up wait (wait) wait (wait) wait (wait) wait (wait) 

F           C 
pull to the side 

     Am           G   
arms up, count it down just like 

(Don't play)            Am  G 
five, four, three, two, one 

F             C 
the checkered flag 

            Am      G 
means we've just begun 

      F      C          Am   G 
let's cut it down  YEAH! 

F  C  Am  G (x2) 

    F       C 
and we cut down 

     Am           G 
the day in my old van 

F       C 
  count down from 

Am          G 
five, four, three, two, one 

F  C  Am  G (x2) 

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