Masked Intruder

Crazy Chords

Masked Intruder

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by lucicamargo

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  		C G Am F 
I don't want to admit it, 
G                 Am    F 
but I'm crazy for you. 
And I know that I won't be acquitted, 
G                 Am    F         
but I'm crazy for you. 
You've got me so mixed up  
that I don't know what to do. 
The court declared me sane  
but I know it isn't true. 
      C  G            Am   F 
Cause I-I'm crazy for you. 

(Same as first) 
I made some bad decisions. 
Cause I'm crazy for you. 
And now they're gonna throw me in prison. 
Cause I'm crazy for you. 

G                               F 
This ain't no case of temporary insanity. 
G         G# 
The way I feel about you, 
  Am               F           Fm (If you wanna spice it up) 
I know I'll always be crazy. (Always Be) 

C G Am F (through the end) 
I'm crazy for you. 

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