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Don't Worry Be Happy Chords


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by daoo

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Don't Worry Be Happy

  		Tô indo pros States 
Da Vila Isabel 

Here's A little song I wrote  
You might want To sing it Note for note  
              Eb            Bb           F7/9 
Don't worry Be happy  
In every life We have some trouble  
But when you worry You make it double  
              Eb            Bb           F7/9 
Don't worry, be happy  
Bb                    Cm             Eb          Bb         F7/9 
Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá la laia 
Bb                    Cm             Eb          Bb  C#  C  B  Bb 
Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá la laia 
Ain't got no place To lay your head  
Somebody came And took your bed  
             Eb              F7/4/9              Bb          B 
Don't falei.............Be happy  
The land-lord say Your rent is late  
He may have To litigate  
              Eb      F7/4/9            Bb           Bb7 
Don't worry............................Be happy  
Eb                                         F7/9 
Don't worry Pra não Se estressar  
Dm                          G7 
Be happy Pra se alegrar  
Cm             F7/9               Bb              Bb7 
Relax Que tudo Fica diferente  
Eb                  F7/9 
Stress faz adoecer  
Dm               G7                          
Amor rejuvenescer  
Cm                 F7/9                     Bb             F7/9       Bb     F7/9     
Sorria mais e leve a vida Simplesmente  
Ain't got no cash Ain't got no style  
Ain't got no girl To make you smile  
Eb                  Bb        F7/9 
Liga não Be happy  
Cause when you worry Your face will frown  
And that will bring Everybody down  
Eb           F7/4/9                       Bb         F7/9 
Don't worry Deixa pra lá Be happy  
Bb                    Cm             Eb           Bb  Gm7  Cm  F7/9 
Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá la laia 
Bb                    Cm             Eb      F7/9        Bb            F7/9       
Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá la laia 

Olha a gentileza Olha a gentileza  
Simbora Don't worry  
Deixa pra lá Vem pra cá O que é que tem  

ThiagO dãO - Samba Assim 

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