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All the Things We've Never Done Chords

Martina McBride

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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All the Things We've Never Done

	  Capo  2nd Fret 
Intro:  C, G, Am, Em, F, G, C 
    C                       C 
They drank their anniversary glass 
     C             F 
A silent moment passed 
    G        C 
Then they kissed 
    C                            C 
She knows there's something on his mind 
     Am              F 
He'll tell her in due time 
What it is 
             F         G 
He says "I've never built 
  C          G     Am 
Your mansion on a hill 
     Em                  F    G 
Or warmed you in the Spanish sun 
        F          G 
I simply blink my eye 
    C          G      Am 
And think as years fly by 
      F                G        C       F      G 
Of all the things we've never done" 
   C                         C 
She smiles and takes his hand in hers 
   Am                 F 
And says "It just occured 
  G    C 
To me now 
    C                           C 
The thought that brings you such regret 
  Am                 F 
What hasn't happened yet 
   F           G 
It Makes me proud" 
       F        G 
"You never walked away 
      C         G      Am 
When I needed you to stay 
      Em              F      G 
Or made me feel I'm not the one 
    G              F      G 
There've been no broken vows 
      C             G      Am 
And the reason we're here now 
     F                G         C 
Is all the things we've never done" 
Solo: C, F, G, C, G, A, F, G 
    G          F      G 
"We've never grown apart 
      C        G     Am 
You never broke my heart 
     Em                F        G 
With secrets that you kept me from 
  G        F        G 
We've never been untrue 
  C           G         Am 
And I'm still here with you 
          F             G         No Chord 
Through all the things we've never done 
Outro: C,  G,  Am,  Em,   F,   G,   C  

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