Martin Wallström

Open Your Eyes

Martin Wallström

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Open Your Eyes

Ebm Gb Bbm Ab 

Ebm         Gb 
Heads turn, reveal the beautiful 
Bbm         Ab 
Mask falls, wait for a miracle 
Ebm             Ab 
  Feel it on my skin 
Take the one I'm in 
           Bbm  Ab 
Momentary truth. 

Ebm Gb Bbm Ab 

Ebm   Gb 
  No ties 
Bbm          Ab 
So cold, it's clinical 
Ebm    Gb 
  Walk miles 
Bbm         Ab 
To join the cynical 
Ebm         Ab 
  Carefully caress 
State of undress 
                  Bbm  Ab 
Silence holds the proof 
Ebm                    Ab 
  So close but yet so far 

Fly, fly away 


  And the way she feels 
Wish me to reveal 
Gb        Db         Ebm     Ab 
Things my ego never dared 
  Fears are fading fast 
Bbm                 Ebm 
  Further from the past 
Gbm          E   Eb 
Show her that I care 
Gbm                  Eb 
I 'll show her that I care 


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