Martin Smith

Shout to the North

Martin Smith

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Shout to the North

	  		             G2         D           C                G             D           C  
Men of faith rise up and sing, of the great and glorious King  
               G                  D          C                    G         D            C  
You are strong when you feel weak, in your brokenness complete  
G                  C                     D         G             C                   D  
Shout to the north and the south, sing to the east and the west  
G            C            D    C          D                G  
Jesus is Savior to all, Lord of heaven and earth  
               G        D        C                       G         D         C  
Rise up women of the truth stand and sing to broken hearts  
                  G           D           C                 G          D         C  
Who can know the healing pow'r of our glorious King of love  
             G                 D          C                   G               D        C  
Rise up church with broken wings, fill this place with songs again  
             G            D             C                 G         D            C  
Of our God who reigns on high, by His grace again we'll fly  
Em                                    C  
We've been through fire, we've been through rain.  
Em                                     C  
We've been refined by the pow'r of His name  
Em                               C  
We've fallen deeper in love with You.  
                                G             Dsus  D  
You've burned the truth on our lips.  
{REPEAT Chorus}  


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