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Great Is Your Faithfulness Chords

Martin Smith

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by tercmoraes

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Great Is Your Faithfulness

Capo on 3rd fret

verse 1: 
Em          D       G 
Great, Your faithfulness 
C        G      Am        D 
O God my Father, O God my friend 
Em           D     G 
Your love it never fades 
C           G       Am         D 
And so I'll love You until the end 

C                      D 
When shadows fall, You never change 
C                    D 
From age to age, You never change 

G C G D Am G C Great is Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness G D Through the years, You've always been there G C G D Am G C Great is Your love for us, Your love for us G D Through the years, You'll always be there
verse 2: Em D G Great, Your kindness, God C G Am D You are our shelter, our dwelling place Em D G Your presence like a fire C G Am D Hope for tomorrow, strength for today Bridge: C G D We will stand, we will stand upon Your promises C G D We are strong, we are strong because our hope is in You Am We will run, we will run, we will run C G We belong, we belong, we belong to You D To You

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