Martin Nievera

Be My Lady

Martin Nievera

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Be My Lady


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (A#) 

   Intro: F#m7-B-Bm-F#-E7 pause 
   Be my lady 
          Em7              A              D 
   Come to me and take my hand and be my lady 
          C#dim          G#7 
   Truly, I must let you know  
               C#m         C#m7 
   That I'm in love with you, 
           C#m7     F#7 
   All I want is you 
          Bm     Bm/A     E 
   How I need you, so please 

   Be my lady 
          Em7                A 
   Maybe you would lose the pain  
   If you just tell me 
           C#dim             G#7 
   Say the words you long to whisper  
            C#m        C#m7 
   That I want to hear 
            C#m7            F#7 
   Something's on your mind 
           Bm  Bm/A          E7 
   Is it hidden   in your smile 

   Be my lady 
   Just forget the past 
         A7                 D 
   It's time to mend your broken heart 
   Let no walls divide us now 
                A            F#m 
   Dry up the tears in your eyes 
   Nothing can stop us now 
                 E          Esus (Eaug) 
   I'll give you all that I have 

   Be my lady 
             Em7          A 
   You're the one that I adore 
   So please, believe me 
         C#dim           G#7 
   I can never find the courage  
          C#m           C#m7 
   To resist your charm 
            C#m7         F#7 
   Nothing's more divine  
             Bm    Bm/A        E 
   Than each moment   you are mine 

   (Repeat Chorus) 

  F7sus-F7 Bb 
   Be my lady 
             Fm                 Bb7 
   Let the sunshine through your heart 
   And make a brand new start 
   Stay with me each night and day 
            Bb              Gm 
   Through the rest of my life 
   Just like a work of art 
                 F              Eb  Bb/D-Gm-Gm7- 
   My love will last until forever 

   Just like a work of art 
                  F pause   Bb Bb/Ab-D/F#-F-Bb 
   My love will last   forever 

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