Marquinho Mistura Fina

Minas Singer

Marquinho Mistura Fina

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Minas Singer

	  		Intro C  F  C  F  C  G  

C                 F               C    G 
I`m Minas singer of the South of Minas 
          C    G 
South of Minas 
C                        F                     C    G      
Im Mountains of Minas violist. On the Minas valley 
                         C      C7                        
Of  the city and of the corners 
 F                        C                   F                                   
Im of the closed little city, for the hills but 
               C    C7 
It open of Heart 
F                     C                             G            
When it received me smiling, I admit it was really lacking 
                 C               C7 
Outside of everything turned back 
F                        C                       F                                                                    
Now I??m happy oh little city, I??m going back to Minas 
                     C  C7 
Because it sheltered me 
F                     C                       G                                                                  
Now Im happy little city, Im going back to Minas 
Because it sheltered me 

Solo C  F  C  F  C  G 

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