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The Way I Was Chords

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by ang%2Dletra

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The Way I Was

Intro: Bmaj7 E (2x) 

F#               G#m7 
Making love to a picture frame 
One more time tonight 
F#               G#m7 
You can tell by the lines in her smile 
Something is not right 

                F#  G#m7 
Where are you hiding? 
She's on the outside 
                F#  G#m7 
I'm on the inside crying 
Just another crazy boy hungry for your 
  Bmaj7                                    E 
Hot love, wrap yourself around me like a warm glove 
The emptiness leaves me 
And I feel the never need to go back 
To the way I was, the way I was 

Verse 2(Same chord as verse 1) 

E And I can't make the same mistake F# If you lose my love, it was yours to take E Break down your door, take a little more F# When I need you around E And I'm so terrified of leaving, it's a new low F# Try and pick me up again but let go E See how far I get without you F# Desperately need more of your
Outro: Bmaj7 E

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