Mark McGuinn

Mrs. Steven Rudy

Mark McGuinn

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Mrs. Steven Rudy

	  		A                      D               A 
I get up on Sundays a-bout eight fif-teen 
A                 D                 A 
Just to get the paper that I never read 
A                              D            A 
Cause I know she'll be there barely in her robe 
A                            D               A 
Sittin' on her front porch painting on her toes 
Her husband always on the road 

A D E D Hey Mrs. Steven Ruby you don't know what you do to me D E D A Every night I dream one day of being with you A D E D Hey Mrs. Steven Rudy you're the neighborhood's beauty
A D E A But that wedding ring's as ugly as your husband is to you A A E D A A E D A D A Sometimes Mrs. Rudy calls crying late at night A D A Cause he and Mr. Ugly have had another fight A D A We talk awhile I hear her smile then she says thank you A D E A I tell her that she's welcome like any friend would do E I only wish that she knew Go to chorus A A A E A A A A E A D A I-mag-i-na-tion, in-fat-u-a-tion I'm what she deserves A A A E A A A A E A D A E I won-der if she thinks a-bout me the way I think about her Go to chorus, chorus, ending ENDING: Vamp on A A D E for this whole ending Awwww Mrs. Rudy that wedding ring is ugly to me As your husband is to you Mrs. Rudy Don't know don't know what you do to me

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