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It Ain't Real If It Ain't You Chords

Mark Gray

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It Ain't Real If It Ain't You

I almost called you last night, baby 
    E                         A 
But I?d have only brought you down 
A                         B 
All this freedom makes me crazy 
B                      E 
Tryin? to find my way around 
Now when the sun goes down you?ll find me 
          E                  A 
Where the lights are shining bright 
A                        B 
Trying to drink away the heartaches 
B                      E 
With a new love in the night 
B E All these lights don?t hold a candle E A They just burn the night in two F#m B And love?s the hardest thing to handle B E Cause it ain?t real if it ain?t you
Keyboard solo Well tonight I thought I saw you And I nearly lost my mind Thinkin; how I?d trade my whole world Just to hold you one more time Chorus Love?s the hardest thing to handle Cause it ain?t love if it ain?t you

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