Mark Eric

Lauras Changing

Mark Eric

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Lauras Changing


verse 1 

D        G               D        G 
Laura is changing, she's almost a teen 
      D           G     D7 
She's starting to act mature 
    G          Bb         A                B7 
She doesn't go in for the games that she'd played 
E7                     A7 
But then again she's mature 

D           G             D            G 
Johnny, her neighbour, is still just a kid 
    D            G          D7 
And he can't yet quite understand 
    G           Bb            A      B7 
Why Laura won't play with him like before 
    A7                  D 
She won't even hold his hand 

G D G B E B E 

verse 2 

   B              E            B          E 
On Sundays they'd swing on the swings and then 
       B            E      B7 
They'd climb on the jungle gym 
E           A7            F#6        D7 
Laura would crush him and how they'd laugh 
B7                      E7 
Things were much better then 

B             E            B           E 
Hopscotch and skiprope and captain may I 
     B             E         B7 
Were some of their favourite games 
        E         A7           F#6     D7 
But without Laura playing it's just no fun 
E7                     D 
Nothing is quite the same 

G D G 

verse 3 

    D            G          D      G 
The Friday night dances are coming soon 
    D          G         D7 
And Laura will surely be there 
    G         Bb          A     B7 
But Johnny is worried, he can't understand 
    E7                   A7 
Why Laura is cutting her hair 

    D            G              D         G 
The way that she talks is quite different now 
    D              G         D7 
The words sound so funny and weird 
    G             Bb          A             B7 
But Johnny, don't worry, it's time you were told 
     A7                   A# 
That Laura's just getting old 

G E7 A7 Dmaj7 

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