Mark David Manders

Three Sheets To The Wind

Mark David Manders

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Three Sheets To The Wind

	  		Dm                                 F 
Now Henry slapped his mules as he set 'em free to graze 
C                             G 
Took the rag out of his pocket and he wiped the sweat away 
Dm                                      F 
He glanced back toward the house, saw his daughter dressed in white 
          C                       G                 Dm 
Hangin' laundry on the line that ran alongside the pen 
G                   Dm 
Three sheets to the wind 
Now the year was '71, Kansas was alive 
Reconstruction was the order for those who would abide 
But Henry was a black man, there were those where he went 
Who weren't afraid to tell him what that proclamation meant to them 
Three sheets to the wind 
F C Beware of the shadows that fall before the dawn G Dm Don't ever trust a man 'less you know where he comes from F C Many are the ladies who can recall the name G Dm Of a fool that lost his life over things he could not change
Now Billy poured a drink, and he stared down at his cards The night was getting late, and his thoughts were growing dark He said "Boys, I think its time we made our presence known "Let's take a little ride, see if good old Henry's home," and he grinned Three sheets to the wind They met behind the barn over at Billy's place Billy had a rope and a hood to cover his face And the creaking of the leather, and the hooves against the ground Was all that could be heard as they made their way around the bend Three sheets to the wind (repeat chorus) Billy's wife had a feeling that led her to the sheriff's door She had tears in her eyes and trouble to report She saw Billy's horse that morning still saddled by the gate The last she heard of Billy, he was out drinking late with friends Three sheets to the wind Well the barkeep tipped the sheriff about Billy and his plans Sheriff lit out for Henry's to see what became of him But Henry had slipped away and all he'd left there at the scene Was three bodies swayin' to the ropes tied beneath their chins Three sheets to the wind (repeat chorus)

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