Maria Muldaur

Winter Weather Chords

Maria Muldaur

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Winter Weather

(Ted Shapiro)

  Cdim     E7/13    A6  A    
I love the winter weather 
     Edim      E7/9   E7    Cdim E7   A6  A 
Because  the  two of  us  can  get  together 
   C#m5-/7     F#7         B 
There's nothing sweeter, finer 
          F#7     C#m5-/7 Bm5-/7    E7 
When it's nice and cold,   I can hold 
Cdim    E7/13      A6 A    
Baby    closer    to me 
Edim   E7/9      E7  Cdim  E7      A6   A 
And collect  the  kisses  that are due me 
 C#m5-/7    F#7        B7 
I love the winter weather 
                D        Cdim         E7/13         A 
Because I've got my love to keep me warm 

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