Mari Aguiar

Take A Chance On You

Mari Aguiar

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Take A Chance On You

	  		Intro F  C  G 
        F  G  C 

C                                      G 
Life ain't easy, but it can be a funny ride 
C                                        G 
If you walk away from darkness and seek the light 
F               C 
Close your eyes, don't be scared 
G                C 
Trust your power, believe in yourself 
G                C 
'Cause if you don't, no one will 
F   G        C  C7 
Unless you feel 

Take a chance on you (don't give up) 
Free your soul from fears (start from inside) 
Make your world shine 
F      G           C 
Follow all your dreams 

Am                            Dm 
And don't you try to bring me down 
G     F   G        C   C7 
I own myself right now 

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