Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos

A Journalist Falls In Love With Deathrow Inmate #16

Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos

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A Journalist Falls In Love With Deathrow Inmate #16



I was writing his story, And he gave me a look 
He was very handsome, distractingly so 
and I never dreamed that he'd be my boyfriend 
He wrote me letters, daily from prison 

F G C That said I know I've killed a few F G C But none of those women were you F G I couldn't speak C Am It was over for me F G C I found my grim reaper prince
(Same pattern through out) Well he said he loved me And he cooked me dinner He cut my lungs out And made me feel thinner And I'll never forget him Now that it's over The life that we had When they strapped him down Oh but how all the girls were jealous Cause he liked me the best Oh and I couldn't breathe It was true love indeed But now my grim prince is gone Well I said I loved him When they strapped him in But he wasn't cryin' He took it like a man And the families watched him As he breathed his last But I got rather angry I started to laugh And say now he's got what's comin' He was due his lot Oh and I couldn't see, there were tears on my cheek Goodbye my grim reaper prince

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