Thank You Very Much


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Thank You Very Much

Part 1: 

Space calling earth again 
Say what 
Houston, this is the end  
We're lost! 


Am         C 
Barbarella meets Godzilla 
G                       F    
since you invited both, cling to your partyhose... 

Am I want to thank you much C Thank you very much G thank you very much F I wanna say i'm sorry, but I'm really not Am Guess I had enough C I'm feeling dangerous G I wanna say I care, but I'm gonna say
Part 2: Am Fresh out of graitude C It's gone! G You suck, like your attitude F I won! Am Flake, flakey, flakey, flake C so sad G I'm stirred, but I will not shake F It's rad! Pre-Corus: Am C Barbarella she's a killer G F run to your nanny go, cling to your pantyhose
Am C 'bout this thrilla' in Manilla' G F What goes around my friend, bites you right at the end

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