Marco Sison

My Love Will See You Through

Marco Sison

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My Love Will See You Through

Intro: F#m7 B Bm F# E7 

 B                F# 
   When times get rough  
  Abm                 Ebm 
   And your dreams just fall apart  
   And sometimes you feel  
        Ebm          C#m-F# 
   That you cant go on  
        F#m     B 
   Be strong, hold on  
           E                  Em 
   For my love will keep you warm  
         B    Ebm       Abm 
   Through the coldest night  
                C#m               F# 
   Through the rain, through the storm  

           B                    F# 
   When friends turn their backs on you  
   And you're so helpless  
   You dont know what to do  
           B         Abm  C#m    
   I'll be on your side to comfort you  
  F#                        B  G7 
   My love will see you through  

  C                          G 
   When the tears are in your eyes  
        Am                 Em 
   And you feel like you wanna cry  
  F                          Em                Dm  G 
   Just reach out and I'll be around to understand  
         Gm            C 
   When you stumble and fall  
            F                  Fm 
   And you need a shoulder to lean on  
      C            Em    Am 
   All you have to do is call  
        Dm                      G 
   And I'll be there with a helping hand  

             C                     G 
   When the road seem so long and endless  
               Am                   Fm 
   And all you see is nothing but darkness  
            C         Am 
   Don't give up just walk on  
   Have faith in your heart  
  G                             C  Am-Dm-Ab7 break 
   For my love will see you through  

  G#7sus Ab7 G#7sus  C# 
   My   love  will  see you through  
   When you reach for your star  
   When you cross the deepest sea  
   When you climb the highest hill  
   My love will always be with you  
   In everything you do  
   In every step you'll make  
   In every road you take  
              C#                   Bbm 
   Don't be afraid to follow your dreams  
           Ebm Ab7             C# Bbm Ebm Ab7 C# 
   For my love    will see you through 

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