Marble Sounds

Good Occasions

Marble Sounds

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Good Occasions

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verse 1: E|------7-----5---------------------7-----5---------------| B|--------------7---------------------------7-------------| G|----7-----7---------------------7-----7-----------------| D|--5-----7-----------5-----0---5-----7-----------5------0| A|------------------7-----2---2-----------------7-------2-| E|----------------8-----3---------------------8-----3-----|
Drunk and sore for so many days But what's to regret I've had my way We could have met but I was too shy The first thing I said was a soft goodbye Chorus: D A I count on countless good occasions G To be quick and to the point D A To perceive the situation D A But a constant hesitation G Has been turning me around D A Here is hope you can still take it
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verse 2 & 3: E|-----7-----5-----------------------7-----5------------------| B|-------------7-----------------------------7----------------| G|---7-----7-----------------------7-----7--------------------| D|-5-----7-----------5-----0-----5-----7-----------5-----0----| A|-----------------7-----2-----2-----------------7-----2-----2| E|---------------8-----3-----3-----------------8-----3-----3--|
Whispering you're never seen You're slipping out Escaping scenes Keep it real and kick my dreams Important deals once agreed (Chorus) (Instrumental) verse 3: It takes a while to value time I'll take a break arrive too late If i fall behind it is you I'll find In a lovely house In a lovely town

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chords Marble Sounds - Good Occasions
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